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Missions I've Been On

These are my recollections, pictures and videos from the Patriot Guard missions that I've been able to ride in. Clicking on the soldiers name will (eventually) take you to a dedicated page.

Spc. Carl A. Eason, November 2, 2006

This was my first mission and my first long ride on my bike. He was older, 29, and had 3 young boys. The entire town turned out for it. I wrote about it here. Ride captain for the Houston group was Rev. Brian Jones.


Lance Cpl. Luke B. Holler, November 11, 2006

I decided around 10:00 on a Friday night to head out to San Antonio for this mission. It was Veterans Day and there was talk of not having enough riders due to parade committments from veterans. I wrote about it here. Ride captain for the Houston group was JohnnyD.

Pfc. Nathaniel Given, January 6, 2007

By far the largest turnout I'd seen. Rainy, cold - didn't matter. The Guard turned out in mass, estimated at 230+. I wrote about it here. Ride captain was Boomer.


Spc. Dustin R. Donica, January 8, 2007

It was a crisp, clear winter day and once again, riders from across the state showed up to pay their respects. Approximately 240+ for this mission. I wrote about it here. Ride captain was JohnnyD.


Pvt. Brian Gilmore , March 11, 2007

What a beautiful day for a party! This was my first Welcome Home ride and I wrote about it here (or here!). What a relief to see tears of joy instead of grief. Ride captain was Boomer, although he couldn't ride! He caged it this day.


Pfc. Cory C. Kosters , March 19, 2007

The community of The Woodlands turned out in force for Pfc. Kosters. Several area volunteer fire departments had ladder trucks out. Research Forest Drive was lined with citizens for several miles. I wrote about it here. Ride captain was JohnnyD.


Spc. Eddie D. Tamez , May 5, 2007

The City of Galveston made honored the memory of this young soldier in a big way. Galveston PD and Galveston County Sheriffs led the funeral procession down Seawall Blvd as tourists and citizens alike paused to honor him. I wrote about it here. Ride captains were JohnnyD and Captain Mike.


LCpl. Oliver Estrada , May 8, 2007

This was a short notice escort from the airport to the funeral home. I wrote about it here. Ride captain was Rev. Brian Jones.


Pfc Roy L. Jones, III, May 15, 2007

Another short notice airport to funeral home escort. Outstanding turnout, 24 bikes in total. I wrote about it here. Ride captain was Puddles, with assists by KP, Rick, Kelly and Captain Mike.


Spc. Michael J. Jaurique, June 8, 2007

I was unable to attend this funeral due to work. However, the procession passed by fairly close and I was able to capture a short video of it. It was awe inspiring to witness this from the road for the first time. Scott Given was leading the way.


Spc. Eric D. Salinas Escort, August 9, 2007

Another short notice airport to funeral home escort. We had 25 bikes at the airport, 23 making the ride to the funeral home. It was hot, hot, hot! Did a short piece on Lone Star Times about it. Ride captain was Johnny Dee.


Spc. Rodney J. Johnson Escort, September 12, 2007

It was a rainy day in Houston as about 20 of us gathered to escort Spc. Johnson to the funeral home. It was very emotional at the airport watching his family suffer in grief. I wrote short posts about it here and here. The video isn't great but does show the water curtain salute. If you have trouble with it, the YouTube version works. Ride captain was Boomer.


Sgt. Omar Mora Escort, September 20, 2007

It was a gorgeous day on the island in Galveston, Texas. Over 100 PGR members assembled to honor Sgt. Mora's sacrifice. I wrote about it here. Ride captain was Johnny D but his bike was out of commission so Boomer took the point.


Sgt. Omar Mora, September 22, 2007

Another beautiful day for Sgt. Mora. Texas City did a great job of honoring him on this day. As did the Patriot Guard Riders, over 200 members were there. Johnny D made a great speech at the riders meeting. i wrote about it here (cross posted here).


Cpl. Donald E. Valentine III, September 28, 2007

A gorgeous day. The procession from the funeral home to the church was extraordinary, very moving. I did the best I could at capturing the video but my main purpose is to stand in the flag line. The sun was facing into the little camera I use and leaves a red band to the side and the glare from windshields, etc., leaves lines. But it still manages to show the procession. Ride captain was Capt. Mike.